Thursday, June 24, 2010

for ben :)

shrimp flavored pringles, anyone?

no, you say? you're more in the mood for numb and spicy hot pot lays?

well, you're in luck :)

p.s. only in china -- no joke -- at the grocery we stopped at on the way to the orphanage, there was a service attendant at the end of EVERY aisle! just ready and waiting to assist you. i kid you not -- every stinking aisle :)

p.s.s. separate post coming later tonite on the orphanage visit..... answered prayers :)


  1. that's unique.

  2. What a great slice of China, the same and different. Thrilled at the teaser that the orphanage visit went well, thrilled.

  3. Cracking up, Jan!!! I'm a big fan of shrimp...But Pringles?! So did you try them? Looks like a trip to the grocery store has been good entertainment :)