Friday, July 2, 2010

what i will miss ...

* watching the continuous flow of boats up and down the pearl river.

* the amazingly old and beautiful banyan trees.

* buying adorably cute and gaudy girl shoes for only $6 USD.

* sharing the joys and trials of adoption with other adoptive moms here now.

* the flashing neon lights that decorate the buildings at night.

* ordering dinner family style and wondering if the food contains black dots or eyeballs.

* putting my heart and thoughts into a blog post.

* your words of encouragement.

* the symbolism and deep meaning behind many of the customs of abigail and sarah's homeland.

* tea with kenny.

* the ridiculousness of the hotel lifeguard nazis.

* having laundry done for us. cheaply.

* ambien :)

* lounging at the pool day and night.

* being with greg.

* the breakfast buffet.

* jumping out from behind hotel doors :)

* the 'have a nice day' chinese-style from the souvenir store workers.

* the service.

* alex and tony.

* hearing thomas called harry pottery by silly giggling girls.

adoption is a long and winding path like no other; i humbly thank the Lord for leading us to it and carrying us through it.

p.s. abigail is over-the-top excited to go 'home'. like bursting excited.

p.s.s. leaving the pool for the last time she grabbed my arm ready to "LET'S GO!" and then realized what she had done; small victory that i'll take :)


  1. Rejoicing with you in the small victories! You have beautiful children!

  2. So excited for you that you are experiencing wonderful endings to your stay. I am so glad to be able to share in your thoughts. Very good time with Phoebe- hard for all of us to send her home with Bri last night. Love that girl so much. So is so funny, helpful, well-mannered, eager, girly, and the list goes on. thanks for letting us enjoy her- we love her so much! We are really looking forward to seeing you soon. To really see abigail will be pure heaven at last!!!The boys were getting home at nine thirty last night! Phoebe was so excited to see them.
    Love and miss you so much. ( loved on crissy awhile tonight:) The Fredericks

  3. Hi Jan!

    I have popped into your blog here and there as we have traveled to China. You are a wonderful writer and what I read is very thought provoking. I wish we could have met up! Maybe next time- wink, wink!

    I am so glad that Abigail has grabbed your hand- a wonderful victory!!
    Thank you for sharing your heart and your thoughts!
    Your children are beautiful!!
    Blessings to you,

  4. Jan, sitting here sobbing (okay, I know I'm weird)...but just to think, she's coming HOME!

  5. Can't wait to set eyes on this girl. That is going to make it really real.

    Ginger stop sobbing.

  6. Can't sleep, praying for you guys. Love and miss you soooo much and hope that the transition to home will be a smooth one. I have shared the video on your post with several people at work who were brought to tears. I hope a seed was planted. Give everyone our love!!!! The Fredericks